In addition to this website, I (either by myself or collaboratively) designed and built the following websites.  In the case of the Xenos website, I built an early version, much of which remains, but Rob has taken over maintenance; for Tutti.org, I was on the committee that developed the design; affetto.co.nz and sorrysong.com.au were solo efforts, as is this site.


2013    New Zealand Birds Online - The digital encyclopaedia of New Zealand birds - www.nzbirdsonline.org.nz
2010    Australian Education Union, South Australia.  Preparation for publication in AEU Journal and AEU website

Radio Broadcasting:

1985    The Guitar Show:  two programs for Radio 6UVS-FM, Western Australia:  writer/presenter

Proficiency in the following computer programs (Windows and Macintosh platforms):

Score, Sibelius - Music Typesetting Software
MS-Office (courses in Excel & Word), Corel WordPerfect, Adobe Creative Suite & Production Suite,
Digidesign ProTools, Logic, FinalCutPro (video-editing software)


1980-1981    Part of team which conducted terrestrial vertebrate survey for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
                   for Joint Venture Argyle Diamond Mine (which went ahead)
                   and Ellendale Lease (the mine didn't go ahead).

1999            ABC Foreign Correspondent: Israel - A Wing and a Prayer (reporter: Dominique Schwartz) - ornithological consultant

2015-2016    Sarah Armstrong - author.  Ornithological and Herpetological Consultant for novels His Other House & Promise.

Maker of individual clothing:

trousers for Sir Michael Tippett as worn to European première of Byzantium
(BBC Proms 1991, BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Andrew  Davis)

“The 86-year-old Tippett made his way carefully on to the Albert Hall platform sporting a bright scarlet jacket, an equally bright yellow T-shirt and multi-coloured trousers of an almost headache-inducing garishness. Our distinguished octogenarian composer looked like a bird of paradise that had accidentally navigated a few thousand miles off course.”

Malcolm Hayes in Daily Telegraph, August 1991


So, I'm me.  I had the dubious honour of acquiring the email address philipgriffin@gmail.com when google was starting up the gmail service. Good, because I can tell people my address, and it's easy to remember - if they can a) remember my name and b) spell Philip with one L.  So far, so good.  However, there are other people in the world called Philip Griffin.

Like  Philip Griffin, the Adelaide Plastic Surgeon who, I believe, also plays music - perhaps in a doctors' orchestra.  When I lived in Adelaide and had to make medical appointments, you could often feel the confusion from the other end of the phone when I rang as presumably they knew the surgeon.  He's very nice I believe.

Or Philip Griffin, would you believe another musician, this time in Austin, Texas.  I've been sent confirmation details of gigs from venues in the past; where to park, what the fee is, when to arrive, all that stuff.  Great, but a bit far away. More recently the band toured to Georgia, USA and all the car hire contracts came to me.

Or Philip Griffin the car-yard owner.  I get lots of car emails.  "Come and check this car" that sort of thing

Or Philip Griffin the Southern Baptist Minister (who of course uses lots of music in his worship)

Or Philip Griffin the award-winning ICT teacher in England - boy have I had some emails that were supposed to be for him!

Or Philip Griffin the post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania in ionic liquids, polymers and my very favourite - polymer nanocomposites

Or Philip Griffin the high-profile (like Prince, Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse, Bon Jovi and Britney Spears) dancer, choreographer, film-maker and photographer

Or Philip Griffin Maths Professor at Syracuse University and author of such show-stoppers as Asymptotic distributions of the overshoot and undershoots for the Levy insurance risk process in the Cramer and convolution equivalent cases

And that's not to mention Philip Giffin the film composer and producer (OK, seeing as how we’re talking about him - click here for more)

I could go on...

I imagine that seeing as how I have philipgriffin.com, plenty of people looking for the other guys might come here, in which case...  HI!

Over the years I have received via email - presumably intended for subtle variations in philipgriffin@gmail.com:

  • travel Itinerary for a European Holiday - flights, hotels, other bookings - of course it's all in "my" name

  • full financial spreadsheet details of a parent of one the other Philip Griffin's from a sibling in a "how are we going to manage our ageing parent's financial situation?" kind of conversation

  • a contract offering me a job at a university

  • a full confession from a sinner, totally inspired by one of my recent sermons

  • "What am I going to do Pastor? My son is a drug addict!"

  • my new caravan insurance policy documents

  • on the same day - an email finalising arrangements for the supply of 10 cadavers for a conference and another asking me to provide accreditation for the Top End Health Service

  • detailed costing for my kitchen renovation following our meeting this morning

  • securtiy (sic) clearance and password to use the US Navy's NASIS website - seems strange but came from a navy.mil email address

  • following up on our conversation about me being a soloist in your orchestra - slight headspin moment until I realised it wasn't me

  • email from my brother (I don't have one) - how's the trip to Japan going?

  • dear fellow Quaker, my husband and I would like to introduce ourselves as the new overseers for your region - very friendly!

  • quote to use a crypt in a North London church for some kind of funeral service

  • "Hi Philip, I trust you are doing well. If you are not doing anything and would like to do so, I would love your company next weekend. Take good care, Your Mom" (my mother had died 5 months earlier)

  • "I've taken the liberty of adding you to the database of the Australasian Journal of Plastic Surgery" - hmmm, I do have a bit of a background in bird taxidermy, I wonder whether that's what got me in?

  • about 200-300 other emails - all returned to sender pointing out that I was not the person they were looking for, all deleted. If only I were a songwriter, this would have to be the basis of a good song...


a lizard named after me. No, seriously.