Buying STuff from me!

OK, I should have figured out how to do this years ago, I agree.

I’m going to start with one CD and see how that goes, maybe put some others up, and one day some ukulele ensemble arrangements, because I keep getting asked about those :-( or :-) depending on which way you look at it.

To buy something:

Email me at with subject “Banksia CD purchase” (or whatever it is you’re buying)

Make sure you only have one L in Philip :-)

Give me your postal address and I’ll already know your email address.

I’ll generate an invoice for you via PayPal - which is a safe, efficient service, you don’t even need a PayPal account to pay, just a credit card.

You pay the invoice, I post the item to you.

That’s the plan… Fingers crossed!

Banksia CD - Jude Iddison & Philip Griffin  AUD $25:00 including postage and packing

Banksia CD - Jude Iddison & Philip Griffin

AUD $25:00 including postage and packing

BANKSIA CD - AUD $25 including worldwide postage

Top-flight violinist Jude Iddison and guitarist/accompanist Philip Griffin combine for more than one hour’s and 15 tracks worth of music. Tunes by Jude, tunes by Philip, and several joint compositions. In the Celtic, folk, sometimes slightly jazzy sphere of music categorisation.

Variously contemplative and energetic, this recording had a gestation of around 35 years - we feel the moment for parturition is upon us.

(Once people have listened to it a bit, I’m hoping to get someone else to describe the music, rather than me.)



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HMMM - where can I get that Kitchen-sink?

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