A RECent EMAIL EXCHANGE ON the SUBJECT of PHILIP GIFFIN - “MILD confusion” on the high seas of the internet

Hello Mr Griffin,

Just saw the movie MURDER 101 on youtube.
A really good movie with a great Music Theme.

Of course I know that you wrote the Music,
but just wondering who sang the song in this movie?

Thank you

Many thanks for your email!

I believe the music for MURDER 101 was written by Philip Giffin.

I don't have any contact details for him.

All the best making contact


Sorry I am confused!

I thought you are Philip Griffin, as your email it is signed by this name!

Incidentally I knew that the Music score was written by Philip Griffin, 
as explained in my previous email.

I just wanted to know the name of the male singer, who sings the song in the 

Thank you


I understand the confusion.

I am Philip Griffin - a musician and composer

The film score in question was by Philip Giffin.

(If you read my email closely you'll see that what's I wrote in my first reply)

You can check on the youtube video as well


try 0'57"

Best wishes


Sorry but

Are Philip GRIFFIN with 2 F 
and Philip GRIFIN with 1 F

the same persons or different 
persons or there is a printing error?

If you wrote the music score of this film 
surely you ought to know:

The name of the singer who sings in this film!!!!!

Anyway thank you very much, but I remain somehow still confused

Kind Regards


Maybe you can see the difference if I write in this way

GRIFFIN - my name

GIFFIN - the composer of the film

Hopefully this will lift your confusion.

Philip Giffin has a website but I can't see any contact details.

I look forward to learning the name of the singer when you discover it!!!!!!

Best wishes