Madjitil Moorna Sorry Song – Apology Day 13/2/2008

Perth witnesses the historic Apology to the ‘Stolen Generations’ by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Madjitil Moorna, a community choir, sings Sorry Song, written by Kerry Fletcher in 1998 for the first Sorry Day, “on behalf of all of us whose hearts ache when we think of the pain those children and communities suffered and still endure today”. Included in the choir are survivors of the ‘Stolen Generations’ and five primary school children performing in sign-language.

Sorry Song – Body Spelling

Students in Australia spelling the word SORRY on their school oval with Sorry Song by Kerry Fletcher as musical backing, in preparation for the Australian Government’s National Apology to the ‘Stolen Generations’ on 13th February 2008.

Sorry Song – Hands

Childs hands unfolding revealing ‘Sorry Today’ message on fingertips and native hibiscus flower (A native flower chosen and used by the Kimberley Stolen Generations to symbolize survival and healing) on palms, to music from Sorry Song by Kerry Fletcher.

Tutti Ensemble – Sorry Song, 2008 Christmas Concert

The forced removal of Aboriginal children from their mothers, families and communities inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss that continues to affect them, their communities and descendants. Sorry Song was written on behalf of all whose hearts ache when we think of the pain those children and communities suffered and the pain they still endure today. This video includes the new verse and chorus that was added to reflect the historic Apology on 13 Feb 2008.

Wallerawang Public School Choir – Sorry Song

Wallerawang Public Choir singing Sorry Song to commemorate Harmony Day at the Union Theatre, Lithgow March 19th 2008.

Madjitil Moorna Choir – Sorry Song – PM Apology Perth

The Madjitil Moorna Choir – singers of Aboriginal Songs- sing Sorry Song at the Perth Telecast Event of the PM Apology, February 2008. An introduction is provided by Bringing them Home Committee Co-convenor Rev. Dr. Ian Robinson.