Some of the VIDEO projects that I've worked on


I lived in Auckland between 2010 & 2014.  Through my sons' school I met the music teacher, Mary Cornish, powerhouse of the Auckland (and National) choral, music education and ukulele scenes.  Through the connection with Mary, I started directing a small choir at the primary school in the next suburb to where we lived.  Mary each year conducts a massed choir event at the Auckland Town Hall (which I continue to be involved with) and my school choir was one of the choirs that contributed to the massed choir (about 450 choristers).  Each year Mary's repertoire includes a great selection of Pacifika, classical, pop, operatic and music theatre.  My first year of involvement, 2012, the pop song was Price Tag by JessieJ.  Mary's concerts always provide a wonderful opportunity for young soloists to front the massed choir.  Price Tag needed a soloist, so any school could put one up to audition.  My school held auditions, but not everyone was present at the first audition slot. At the second session, along came this quiet girl Lauren, who absolutely blew the competition away. Having made the music-videos with Tutti in previous years (see below for more information about them), I thought, "Why not do one with my choir and this amazing soloist?" Making this video probably accounted for a week's full-time work for me - to answer a question that I'm often asked.


Promotional, support material, documentary and archival DVDs for Tutti Ensemble and Tutti Arts;
music-videos directed and edited for Tutti Arts, animation (stop-motion, Adobe Flash and claymation) directed and edited for Tutti Arts Digitech.
Client Abuse training video Personal Power Program and Personal Power - Easy English for Minda Inc. edited by Philip Griffin.
Tutti Rundle Lantern (outdoor large-scale screen) content for Adelaide City Council.
Oska Bright Festival 2011 - Folsom Prison Blues

The Tutti music-videos

A video clip made to fit a song we recorded for Aimee's CD -  that had been recorded the previous year.
2 mini-CDs (Aimee's and Jason Crowhurst's) were recorded on one afternoon in front of a live audience.
The video-clip was devised and shot on one day.
I did the camerawork, video editing, plus played the guitar and produced the recording.

Also from the same CD of Aimee's.
This time Aimee came up with the scenario and the casting.
I shot, video-edited, plus again played the guitar and produced the recording.

From the same live recording session that produced Aimee's CD, Jason recorded a mini-CD of his own.
Jason (who has never had any sight) came up with a very detailed scenario for this video, including casting.
If he'd had his way, we could have shot several different versions, such were the abundance of his ideas as to how to put it together!
Camera, direction, art-direction, green-screen, video editing, guitar, CD production by me.

From the same series of three mini-CDs as Jason's and Aimee's.
With Annika's we had the luxury of two recording sessions, and the sessions were in a controlled studio situation.
You'll see extensive use of green-screen and the video incorporates visual art created by Tutti's visual artists.
Camera, direction, art-direction, green-screen, video editing, guitar, CD production by me.

Following the mini-CD recording of 2007, Annika and I made a full-length CD in 2010 just before I moved to New Zealand.
That CD was entitled Colours and this is the title song.  However, before we recorded the CD, we did a version for this video.
It was recorded entirely using one microphone and my MacBookPro (which is still going "strong" at 8½ years old).
Annika had, with the help of Pat Rix (Artistic Director of Tutti) written this song about her early memories of colour.
Annika had some sight in her earliest years.  As her family lived some hours North of Adelaide, an eye-specialist that she was attending, suggested her parents get a video camera to record her development, so that he could see what she was up to at home in between visits to his surgery.
Consequently, there was a massive amount of video material from Annika's infancy and early childhood, plus 15 huge photo albums.
To make this video, I went through and found bits of photos or video that helped tell the story of the song.
This was augmented by material shot using green-screen techniques and the artwork of one of the Tutti visual artists.
Recording, guitar, direction, photography, videography, video-editing, green-screen etc by me.
Note, if you're watching the video, there's a tag right at the end - you need to stay quiet to get it.

Over the couple of years that I ran the digital media program at Tutti (Digitech), we made several Christmas themed videos incorporating animation and general Christmas messages of good will.
This year I produced a Christmas CD featuring some of the repertoire from Tutti's legendary Christmas concerts and other new material.
Like Annika's Colours recording, this track was recorded by me, using one microphone and a M-Box mini on my MacBookPro.
This time however it was mixed by the excellent Quentin Eyers in his studio.
I played accordion, recorder, mandolin, guitar, bass, jaw-harp then directed, photographed, animated, video-edited etc the film-clip.

william e. green piano performance videos

I met William in Auckland at a meeting of the Auckland Lieder Group.  He was accompanying a singer and I was singing lieder.  I was immediately struck by his musical integrity and obvious commitment to the music he was playing.  We finished up performing together on various occasions, including a very enjoyable lunchtime recital of NZ and Australian art song at the Auckland City Library.  At some point William asked me to shoot and edit some videos of him playing piano pieces that he had written or arranged, and other NZ compositions.

audio recording, multi-camera video recording and video editing by me.


Video-editing of Podcasts and Communication videos.


The following websites contains ornithological video footage by me:

ARKive - www.arkive.org


Contributed ornithological video to Landing in America, by John O’Brien, St Paul, Minnesota-based video artist.