2017        Camp Hill State Infants and Primary School (Brisbane): classroom music (ukulele) - years 4-6
                Somerville House School for Girls (Brisbane): guitar
                Anglican Church Grammar School (Brisbane): guitar - foundation, classical, jazz (big-band)
2016        Camp Hill State Infants and Primary School (Brisbane): supply (relief) teaching - years 2-6
                Somerville House School for Girls (Brisbane): guitar
                Anglican Church Grammar School (Brisbane): guitar
                Springfield Anglican College (Brisbane): guest lecturer - choir, ukulele, composition: years 1-12
                Music on Magnetic (Magnetic Island):
                     residential music camp - teaching guitar accompaniment and ukulele ensemble
                MEDAM (Middle Eastern Music and Dance) Camp:
                     Middle Eastern Bass and Turkish Oud
2015        Kenmore State High School (Brisbane): supply (relief) teaching and 6-week contract - years 7-12
                Albany Creek State High School (Brisbane): supply (relief) teaching and 1-week contract - years 7-12
                Camp Hill State Infants and Primary School (Brisbane): 6-week contract - prep - year 6
                Mansfield State High School, Whites Hill State College (Brisbane): supply (relief) teaching - years 7-12
2013-2014    Kadimah School (Auckland):  single and group voice, single and group guitar and single ukulele lessons
2012-2014    Ponsonby Primary School (Auckland):  Madrigal Choir of 30 singers - years 5-6
2012        Bayfield School (Auckland):  Group lessons (24-28 students) to years 4-6 in recorder, marimba & ukulele
                Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand (Auckland): Workshop - Singing Shakespeare
2011-2012    Grey Lynn Community Centre (Auckland):  Group lessons in ukulele
2010        North Adelaide Primary School:  Pre-Instrumental Classes:  singing, movement and music literacy skills.
2007-2010    Tutti Arts: Digitech Project  Developing digital media skills (video-editing, videography, audio, photography,
                           animation) for young people with a disability through producing short films etc.
2008        Immanuel College:  Classes in arranging, guitar, band, Garage-band software, choir, performance practice,
2007        Brighton Secondary School:  Classes in listening, theory, concert band, orchestra, choir, string ensemble,
                          performance practice, training orchestra, composition, music technology.
2006        Tutti Arts:  Classes in guitar, singing, vocal ensemble.
                Tutti Ensemble:  Choral masterclasses.
2005        Tutti Ensemble:  Choral masterclasses.
1996        National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA):  Classes in ensemble singing and music theory.
                Sydney Grammar School:  Classes in guitar and ensemble guitar.
                Campacapella (Blue Mountains Arts Council):  Classes in choral direction and ensemble singing.
1995-1996    Ascham School (Private Girls School, Edgecliff NSW):  Classes in orchestration and conducting.
1995        Sydney Acapella Festival III:  Masterclass in choral direction.
1994-1995    University of Western Sydney, Nepean NSW:  Classes in ensemble and solo singing.
1994        International Schools Theatre Association Ozfest at Narrabundah College, ACT:
                       Workshops in group singing, theatre games, ensemble work.
1993        The Australian Opera: Young Artist Development Program classes in music literacy, sight-singing,
                       aural training.
1991        Hackney College (London):  Relief teaching - Jazz Guitar.
               English National Opera - Bayliss Programme:
                      Workshops in primary schools:  singing, conducting and improvisation.
1989        Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts - (School of Dramatic Arts):
                    Music Theatre Department:  classes in music theory & aural training.
1988-1989    Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts - Dance Department:  choral singing and music resources.
1988-1989    Western Australian Conservatorium of Music - Music Department:  aural training, chamber music,
                          guitar (including final year Bachelor of Music principal study student).
                    Pre-Instrumental Classes:  singing, movement and music literacy skills.
1986-1988    Western Australian Conservatorium of Music:  Relief teaching for Dean of Conservatorium conducting
                          classes in Aural Training, Motet Choir, Big Choir, Nine Voice Choir.
1984-1986    Western Australian College of Advanced Education Student Guild:  guitar classes.
1983-1986    University of Western Australia Guild of Undergraduates:  guitar classes.
1983-1984    Department of Corrective Services:  guitar classes.


1986-2017Community Choral Activities, including music literacy skills, theory and repertoire.
1981-2017Tuition in guitar, voice, ukulele, banjo, music theory (western & Turkish), composition, conducting,
                         arrangement, analysis, music literacy, computer skills, orchestration.