Classical, steel-string, baroque and electric guitars, electric bass (fretless and fretted), oud, theorbo, laouto, tambura, ukulele, U-BASS, mandolin, contrabass, cümbüş, saz, VIHUELA, banjo, tzura, baglamas, bouzouki, rabab, charango, balalaika, bass viol, lute, piano, clarinet, accordion, marimba, vibraphone, frame-drume, other percussion.

The Balkanics (Balkan funk quintet): (electric bass, tambura)
    - concerts in Mullumbimby, Glen Innes, Maleny, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Wollongong
Jaider de Oliveira Trio (Brazilian Jazz Trio): (electric bass, guitar) - concert at Brisbane Jazz Club
The Impulse Orchestra (original music by Brendan Hook for small big-band): (electric guitar) - concert at Brisbane Jazz Club
Taraf Tambal (Hungarian gypsy quartet): (guitar, oud, cümbüş) concert at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Affetto: Perla Antiqua (vihuela, baroque guitar, theorbo) concerts in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga
     North, South, North (theorbo) concerts in Auckland, Hamilton, Cambridge
New Holland Consort: Judgment of Paris Eccles (theorbo) period performance of
     17th Century English Masque for Denmark Festival of Voice
Denmark Festival of Voice: (guitars) accompanist for Annika Hooper
Churchie (Anglican Church Grammar School) Guitar Ensemble: (classical guitar)
Eugene Mak & Philip Griffin Classical Guitar Duo: (classical guitar)
Somerville House - Brisbane Girls' High School: Stage (Big) Band (electric guitar),
     Percussion Ensemble (electric bass), Music Dinner Trio (electric bass)

The Balkanics (Balkan funk quintet): (electric bass, tambura)
MEDAM Camp Cabaret Band (Arabic and Turkish Music for Belly-Dancing): (electric bass, oud)
The Unusual Suspects (24-piece street band): (electric bass)
      performances at Honk! Oz festival, Wollongong, NSW; Maleny Music Festival; Noosa Long Weekend
Badinerie Players (Baroque chamber group): (theorbo)
Brisbane Baroque Players (Period instrument chamber orchestra): (theorbo)
World Music Gala (Music on Magnetic - Magnetic Island): (guitar, ukulele)
Somerville House - Brisbane Girls' High School: Stage Band (big band): (electric guitar),
     Percussion Ensemble: (electric bass), various choirs: (laouto, electric bass, mandolin)
     Baroque Ensemble: (theorbo)
Churchie (Anglican Church Grammar School) Guitar Ensemble: (classical guitar)
Brisbane Concert Choir:   instrumental interludes to Choral Concertos by Bortniansky (balalaika)
Affetto: A play upon words (theorbo, modern guitar, baroque guitar) concert in Christchurch
Auckland Primary Principals Association Music Festival: Festival 2016 (electric bass, guitar, charango, djembe)
     at Auckland Town Hall
New Zealand Ukulele Festival: (electric bass) at Vector Arena, Auckland

Affetto: A play upon words and Femme Fatale (theorbo, modern guitar, baroque guitar)
     - concerts in Auckland, Hamilton and multi-city tour for Chamber Music New Zealand
Auckland Primary Principals Association Music Festival: Festival 2015 (electric bass, guitar, mandolin)
     at Auckland Town Hall
The Unusual Suspects (24-piece street band): (electric bass) - performances at Woodford Festival,
     street venues, festivals
New Zealand Ukulele Festival: (electric bass) at The Trusts Arena, Henderson

Pipers Sinfonia: Messiah Handel (theorbo) for Auckland Choral Society
Linsey Pollak and friends: Mrs Curly and the Norwegian Smoking Pipe (electric bass, oud)
Bach Musica:  Johannes Passion Bach (classic guitar)
Affetto:  Made in New Zealand (theorbo, oud, Baroque guitar, percussion)
     The Return of Terpsichore (theorbo, Baroque guitar, modern guitar, oud, percussion)
Cantorum:  instrumental interludes to Mass in four parts Byrd (theorbo)
The Hula Journey:  music for Hawaiian dance group (ukulele)
Western Springs College: Spamalot (onstage lute)
The Committee (Auckland Composers’ Collective): New Music for Old Instruments
     World premieres of works by Adams, King, Kim (theorbo, Baroque guitar)
Auckland Primary Principals Association Music Festival: Festival 2014 (electric bass, banjo)
     at Auckland Town Hall
New Zealand Ukulele Festival: (electric bass, ukulele) at The Trusts Arena, Henderson
     including accompanying Victoria Vox

Auckland Primary Principals Association Music Festival: Festival 2013 (guitar, electric bass) at Auckland Town Hall
New Zealand Ukulele Festival: (electric bass, ukulele) at The Trusts Arena, Henderson
Franklin Community Choir: (charango) Misa Criolla Ramirez
Viol Consort: (bass viol, oud) music by Jenkins, Josquin, Michael East, Gibbons, Mico, Merula, Ferrabosco & Bishop - house concert

Whittakers’ Musical Museum Concert Series, Waiheke Island: (guitar solo)
     Concerto in D for Lute R.V. 93 (Vivaldi) with members of Kotuku Quintet
V8 Vocal Ensemble: Critical Mass! (Charango) Misa Criolla Ramirez at St Mary’s–in–Holy Trinity,
     Parnell & St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton
Auckland Primary Principals Association Music Festival: Festival 2012
     (guitar, electric bass, banjo, ukulele, anvil) at Auckland Town Hall

WOMAD NZ: All-Star Gala [Music Director: Nitin Sawhney] (guitar, percussion)

WOMADelaide: (electric bass) band leader for Tutti Ensemble with Jane Siberry

Bundaleer Forest Weekend: (guitar) accompanist for Annika Hooper
Music Hellenika 2009: (oud, laouto) Aegean Whispers concerts at Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
State Opera South Australia & Tutti Ensemble: (oud) The Shouting Fence Gough/Chew
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra with Lior: (oud) April Bloom Valentine’s Day concert at Botanic Gardens
The next El Masri: (oud) multi award-winning short film; Composer: Charli Holoubek

Carols by Candlelight - Elder Park: (oud) accompanist for Annika Hooper
Turkish grooves with Gazi Yalçın: (oud, electric bass) concert at Nexus Cabaret, Adelaide
Mission Ignition:  (electric bass, guitar) accompanist and band leader - 13-piece band for Tutti Ensemble

Adelaide Cabaret Festival:  (guitar) for guest artist Annika Hooper in Jane Siberry (Issa) performance

Music in Paradise - The Oud Project:  (oud, laouto)  concert at Nexus Cabaret, Adelaide
Martin Tucker and friends:  (oud) concert at The Promised Land, Alice Springs
Tutti Ensemble:  (guitar, keyboard) concerts and performances in Adelaide and Hobart, Tasmania

WOMADelaide 2005:  All-Star Jam [Music Director: Yair Dalal] (rabab)
Ouds, friends & relatives:  concert featuring the oud and related instruments at Nexus Cabaret, Adelaide.
     (oud, laouto, mandolin, rabab, guitar, vihuela, percussion)
Xenos:  concerts, dances and workshops at National Folk Festival, Canberra; Fairbridge Festival, WA
Xenos with Laura Shannon:  concerts and Balkan/Armenian dance workshops in Scotland & Austria
Tutti Ensemble:  (guitar, bass, clarinet) Between The Worlds Rix/Calvit  Musical Director:  Zoë Barry
Music in Paradise - The Oud Project:  (oud)  concert at Nexus Cabaret, Adelaide

WOMADelaide 2004:  Macedonian Gypsy Brass Band.  (zils - Turkish finger cymbals)
Ross Daly & Labyrinth:  concert in Adelaide at Nexus for Season Uno.  (oud, laouto, clarinet)

Ross Daly & friends: (Greek/Irish string virtuoso) Australian national tour incl. Perth International Festival,
     Brunswick Music Festival.  (oud, laouto, saz, tambura)

Xenos:    Performances in Brisbane (Powerhouse Arts Centre) and Woodford Folk Fest. (workshops, concerts
     and co-ordination/performance of music at fire-event.  (electric guitar, laouto, cümbüş)
Laura Shannon:  musical accompaniment for workshops in Armenian folk dance  (oud, voice)

Xenos:    Performances in Tasmania, Sydney, Melbourne, National Folk Festival (Canberra), Adelaide,
     Scotland, England (Glastonbury International Dance Festival), Brisbane  (electric guitar, cümbüş, laouto)
dididumdum:  4-piece band.  Woodford Fest., Brisbane & Sydney  (electric guitar, electric bass, oud)

Ross Daly & friends:  (Greek/Irish string virtuoso) Concerts in Queensland,
     New South Wales & Victoria incl. Melbourne International Festival/Music Deli
     (ABC Radio National) broadcast (oud, laouto, saz, tambura)

Xenos:    Performances in Scotland, Portugal and Woodford Folk Festival
                               (electric guitar, cümbüş, laouto)
1999        Ssassa:    Performances in Italy  (electric bass)
1998        Ssassa:    School and public performances in Switzerland  (electric bass)
1998-2000    Various:  performances throughout Israel with a variety of folk-music groups playing Appalachian, Irish,
                             Spanish Renaissance, Balkan and original material
.  (plucked string instruments)
1997        Bell Shakespeare Company:  The Winter’s Tale Alan John (plucked string instruments)
                Ssassa:    Eastern European folk-band specialising in Gypsy repertoire from eastern Europe.
                              School and public performances in Switzerland, Italy and France  (electric bass)
                Ssassa: (Schnabelwetzer)   Multi-lingual children’s music recording project funded by Kinderdorf Pestalozzi, Switzerland
1996        Dead Heart:  Feature film Douglas Stephen Rae  (electric bass)
                ABC Television:  Close-ups (2 episodes) Alan John Drama soundtrack (guitars & bass)
1995           ABC Radio National:  Summer Drive-time.  National live broadcast (solo laouto)
                  ABC Television:  Naked Douglas Stephen Rae  Drama soundtrack and title music (solo classic guitar)
                  Belvoir Street Theatre:  Emma Various.  (mandolin, steel-string guitar)
1994           The Australian Opera:  Lulu Berg  On-stage piano duet (with Sharolyn Kimmorley)
                   Xenos:    Eastern European folk-band.  Performances and live-to-air radio broadcasts in Switzerland,
                         Germany and Greece.  (electric bass)
1991             Balkan Bop:  Eastern European folk-band.  Performances in Melbourne.  (electric guitar)
1990-1991     Zhifko Firfov Group:  Yugoslav Folkloric Ensemble, London, incl concerts with Pece Atanasovski  (tambura)
1990-1991     Royal Shakespeare Company:  A Dream of People Griffin, Adam Various, The Last Days of Don Juan
                         Gough and Lunn. (steel-string/classic guitar) Performances at Barbican Centre, London.
1990            West Australian Symphony Orchestra:  New Year Suite Tippett Australian Premiere.
                          Conductor:  Diego Mason. Festival of Perth 1990.  (electric guitar)
1988            Western Australian Youth Orchestra:  The Southland Roger Smalley World Premiere (steel-string guitar)
                   WA Conservatorium of Music Chamber Orchestra:  Johannes Passion Bach (classic guitar)
1987            The WA Ballet Company:  (guitar/banjo)  Seven Deadly Sins Brecht/Weill  Conductor:  Verdon Williams.
                    WA Academy of Performing Arts:  (guitar/banjo)  The Happy End Brecht/Weill  Musical Director:  Denis Follington.
1986-1987   WA Theatre Company:  (guitar)  The Sentimental Bloke George Dreyfus  Musical Director:  Richard Gill.
1986            Classic guitar and violin duo with John Pokorny: (Concertmaster, Western Australian Arts Orchestra)
                    Churinga:  music from Eastern Europe and Africa.  Darwin residency.  (plucked-string instruments)
1985-1986    Bruce Gilbert and the Refugees:  Reggae band (electric bass)
                    Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra: (electric guitar)
1985             Bronson and the Surebarkers:  Rockabilly band (drum-kit)

1984-1986    Makedonski Bop:  Eastern European folk-band (electric guitar, tambura, classic guitar, bouzouki)
1984-1985    Tea Break Saxophone Band:  Street performances (percussion)
1983-1987    Rossignol:  Classic Guitar Duo (Philip Griffin and Brian Black)