2017    Affetto - As-yet-untitled album to be released by Atoll Records, March 2017

2016    Kiwileles - support material for 3,000 ukulele students for NZ Ukulele Festival, 2016

2015    Kiwileles - support material for 3,000 ukulele students for NZ Ukulele Festival, 2015

2014    Kiwileles - support material for 2,000 ukulele students for NZ Ukulele Festival, 2014
           Mrs Curly and the Norwegian Smoking Pipe - with Linsey Pollak, Tunji Beier and Louise King
                     (Electric bass, oud, electric guitar, tambura)

2013    Kiwileles - support material for 2,000 ukulele students for NZ Ukulele Festival, 2013

2012    Philip Griffin & Andreas Simon - Three opera arias (voice) demo recordings of
                 Wagner & Tschaikovsky with piano

2011      Annika Hooper [Tutti Ensemble Feature Artist] - Colours
                (producer, guitars, mandolin, percussion, voice) TR-007

2009    Tutti Ensemble - a very Tutti Christmas (producer, arranger, conductor) TR-006
             Tutti Ensemble - Let it shine (producer, electric bass) TR-005
             Diesterweg - Portobello Road 5 & Camden Market 5 (guitar - Sorry Song)

2008    Recitals Australia - Philip Griffin & Jeffrey Kong live recording of lunchtime concert
                      commercially unreleased

2007    Annika Hooper [Tutti Ensemble Feature Artist] - being here (producer, guitar, voice) TR-004
            Jason Crowhurst [Tutti Ensemble Feature Artist] - what shape is rain? (producer, guitars, mandolin) TR-003
            Aimee Crathern [Tutti Ensemble Feature Artist] - you give me fever (producer, guitars) TR-002
            Tutti Ensemble - the first ten years 1997-2007 (producer, editor) TR-001
            Mount Barker 2006 & Alice Springs 2007 Messiah Performances
                 Philip Griffin tenor solos from Messiah - commercially unreleased

2006    Dionysis (ΔΙΟΝΥΣΗΣ) - Κρητικά (laouto) guest performer

2005    Akhter Jahan - Mystical Melodies (rabab, voice)
             Fairbridge Festival Sampler 2005 - Kindred Spirits (guitar) FFCD005

2004    Xenos - Čirikli (laouto, oud, electric bass, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboard) XM 3337
                       Co-produced by Laura Shannon & Andy Bettis (Findhorn, Scotland)
             Xenos - Papalambrena (laouto) Xenos live at Findhorn
             State Theatre Company of South Australia - Trojan Women (voice, oud, bagalamas, clarinet)
                       Live theatre recording - commercially unreleased

2003    Ross Daly - Kin Kin (oud, laouto, tambura) LER-CD001
             Ross Daly & Labyrinth - Live in concert at Brunswick Music Festival (oud, laouto, tambura)
                       ABC Music Deli Broadcast - commercially unreleased

2002    Gazi Yalçın - davul zurna ile  ANADOLU GEZİSİ no. 1 (electric guitar) XM 3336
             Dididumdum - Live in Kin Kin (electric bass, electric guitar, oud)

2001    Tony Garone - The epic of Gilgamesh (saz) Heliopolis Productions
             Balkan Bop - Traditional Music From Greece (tzura, laouto, clarinet, percussion)
                     cassette recorded 1992 - CD unreleased
             Xenos - Tutti Frutti (electric guitar) XM 3335 - finalist in 2001 A.R.I.A. Awards (World Music Category)
             Ross Daly & Labyrinth - Live in concert at Melbourne Festival (oud, laouto, tambura)
                      ABC Music Deli Broadcast

2000    Ssassa - Oriental Gypsy Cocktail  (electric bass & guitar) CF 2225
             Marcie Schreier & Philip Griffin - Tonada humana: Spanish songs from 16th - 17th Centuries
                      (classic guitar) live concert recording, September 2000 - commercially unreleased
             Makedonski Bop - Makedonski Bop (electric guitar, tambura, bouzouki)
                       cassette recorded 1984 - commercially unreleased

1999    David Hirschfelder & David Hobson - Inside This Room (conducting, guitars, laouto) MUSH33241.2

1998    Tsrvena Kniga (Црвена Книга) - Macedonian Folk Music (tambura, electric guitar, electric bass)  MAR 003-2

1997    Ssassa - Schnabelwetzer - eine reise in 12 liedern und 11 sprachen (arrangement, production, conducting,
                    guitars, electric bass, acoustic bass, cittern, baglamas, outi)  2 CD  Pelca PSD 250016-7
            Various - Music from Theatrical Productions (composer) original cast recordings of A Dream of People,
                     The Voyage of Vasco Pyjama, Karagiozis Down Under, Pinter - revue sketches - commercially unreleased

1996    NIDA - Caucasian Chalk Circle (composer, music director, laouto) commercially unreleased
           Ascham School Senior Orchestra - The Kingfisher Dances (composer, conductor) commercially unreleased
           Various - Songs from plays (composer) featuring, Mara Kiek, Zoe Georgakis, Michael Tyack,
                         Joanne Maunsell, Linda Calwell, Virna Sanzone, Eva Di Cesare - commercially unreleased

1995    Ssassa - Oriental Gypsy Night (electric bass)  CF2224

1994    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Mary (conducting, co-composition, arrangement, guitar, voice)
                 Republic Records (EMI) 8319772

1988    WA Academy of Performing Arts - Theatre Working (music director) - commercially unreleased

1987        WA Conservatorium of Music Chamber Orchestra Mozart- Symphony #29 in A (conductor) - commercially unreleased

1986    I Cantori - live concert (conductor) - commercially unreleased
            WA Conservatorium of Music Motet Choir, Big Choir and Chamber Orchestra - Motets and Messiah (conductor) - commercially unreleased